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It is the beginning of the fifth age, And tamriel is in turmoil, war rages everywhere, and that isn't the big problem. The Deadra are Angery, and want one thing. Death.
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 Tamriel Unleashed Plot.

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PostSubject: Tamriel Unleashed Plot.   Mon Feb 17, 2014 1:25 pm

The year is 5E10, 10 years after the defeat of Alduin, and a lot has happened since...

The Imperials are finally free of the Aldmiri Dominion. With the Slayer of Alduin's help, they pushed the high elves back to their home land, but the war still rages on.

The Argonians and Dark elves have finally found peace, but both sides have suffered greatly.

Dragons no longer soar the skies of just skyrim, they have been seen everywhere in Tamriel, most of them follow Paarthurnax's rule, and do not harm people, but some are still wild, and need to be put down.

These are not even close to the big problem Tamriel has to face. The Daedra are angry, the world was supposed to end when Alduin returned, which would allow them to finally walk the world of men in mortal form, but David RazacRazer put a stop to their plans, slaying Alduin, Now they attack Tamriel in full force, Oblivion gates opening up all over Tamriel which link, not just to the death planes like in the Oblivion crisis in the third era, but all 12 planes. The people of Tamriel must now choose sides, What is right, and what will keep you alive.

The full forces of Tamriel have been unleashed, but what side will you choose?
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Tamriel Unleashed Plot.
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