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It is the beginning of the fifth age, And tamriel is in turmoil, war rages everywhere, and that isn't the big problem. The Deadra are Angery, and want one thing. Death.
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David RazacRazer
David RazacRazer

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PostSubject: David RazacRazer (THE DRAGONBORN SLAYER OF ALDUIN)    Sat Feb 08, 2014 9:18 pm

Name: David RazacRazer
Race: Imperial
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Personality: David is a kind person, who could be prone to anger bursts. He helps everyone he can, and tries not to kill the innocent. He knows he is powerful and tries not to let that power get to his head.

Physical Description: 6 feet, Muscular, brown hair that is short, green eyes, oval face, tan skin.

Magic User (if yes, what school do they specialize in?):
David does well in all magic schools, but prefers Destruction or Conjuration.
Hometown:The Imperial City.

History (min 150 words): David grew up in the capital of the capital of Tamriel. the Imperial City. his up bringing was not a good one, his parents gave him up before he could really know them, so he grew up on the streets. Despite that, he tried not to steal, he begged. It did not really do him any good. so he changed his tune, Stealing a sword and armor and sold himself as a sell sword, spending the next ten years fighting other sell swords.

He knew he would go no where in life with this, so he smuggled himself into Skyrim, where he was immediately caught thanks to some Stormcloaks. He was about to die, when a Dragon of legend attacked the town he was about to killed in. he escaped. and went on a series of quests, which ended in leading factions, Killing powerful enemies. and becoming the Famous Dragonborn, slayer of Alduin.

He spent the last 10 years running his different organizations, and slaying Dragons when needed. He is often seen riding his Dragon, Oldaviin.
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